How To Design a Flyer Using Photoshop

Basic Flyer Template Design Tutorial

Today we’re show you how to design a flyer using photoshop cs6. It’s a basic photoshop tutorial which is very easy and useful for beginner.Let’s start with something really easy and simple flyer design, so that it will work as your warm-up tutorial! It is a basic flyer template where we are going to apply some simple photoshop tricks.


  1. Choose your favorite background images
  2. Photoshop CS6

Final Result: We are going to create this flyer. This is our final result.

How To Design a Flyer

final result- basic flyer design


Tutorial Details

STEP 1 :First of all open a new document. Go File>New and follow the following setup.

photoshop tutorial

step-1 File>New


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STEP 2: Open a background image. You can download anything according to your choice from Google. Choose your favorite background image to test your creativity. Open a new file File>Open.

tutorial photoshop

step-2 File & Open.

STEP 3: Now You have already Open your background, Drag and Drop it into your new document.

photoshop background


STEP 4: Press Ctrl+D to adjust it with your document just like the following picture


Step 4

STEP 5: File>Open a new image to add a different effect at the bottom of the flyer. See in this tutorial I have taken an image similar to the following image. And again Drag and Drop it to your previous image that we found in STEP 4.

texture replacement


STEP 6: Press Ctrl+D to adjust the bottom of your flyer. Press ENTER after perfectly adjusting the image.



STEP 7:Select E (Eraser Tool), Choose Brush Size 128px. We are going to create some noise.

photoshop brush


STEP 8: Apply the brush gently to the image.

flyer design photoshop tutorial


STEP 9: Now File>Open to open another new image to give the result of step 8 a new look. Drag and Drop it.

flyer design tutorial


Step 10: Place the latest dragged image at the top corner of the previous image and press Ctrl+J to create layers and Ctrl+D to adjust it on the top of the flyer

flyer design tutorial


STEP 11: Select M (Rectangular Marquee Tool) Select the end of the top part. Right CLICK the mouse and choose feather and set Fearher Radius to 40.

section tool photoshop


STEP 12: Delete the end of the top part to make it Smooth

section tool


STEP 13: File>Open one new image to give an effect at the bottom. Drag and Drop. Ctrl+D to adjust



STEP 14: Use a soft Brush to erase some portion of this image



STEP 15: Set the layer “Color Burn”, set the Opacity 56%

photoshop color burn


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STEP 16: File>Open a crowd image. Drag and Drop, Ctrl+D to adjust it on the middle.

How To Design a Flyer


STEP 17: Select M (ElipticalMaquee Tool) and select some part of the picture. Set Feather 50 and press Enter. Also do the same at the end of this crowd layer

How To Design a Flyer


STEP 18: Create a New Layer and do the following setting. Press Enter.

How To Design a Flyer

step 18

STEP 19:Select E (Eraser Tool). Erase top and bottom.

How To make a Flyer


STEP 20: From layer Normal to “Color Dodger”. Opacity 75%

How To make a Flyer


STEP 21: Now Its time to SET Text. You can Give a Title and can use your favorite font style and font size.

How To make a Flyer


STEP 22:Change the text color and layer style. Set the Overlay according to your choice

How To make a Flyer


STEP 23: Add all the texts and give it a final touch

flyer design tutorial


Try it out! If you face any problem To Design a Flyer Using Photoshop , do not hesitate to comment below about your problem.. we are ready to help you. Don’t forget to share this how to design a flyer using photoshop post on your facebook, twitter and other social media site.

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