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With the many marketing resources that have addressed today, many people have begun to appreciate the role of a business card to play in marketing their products and services. Print business cards that are effective and fair to the company might not be the best way to market their products, but are rectangular unsafe tools that have to win the power potential customers. Make sure the card printing process produces maps that are professional and easy represent integrity, excellence and quality of your products or services. Therefore, it is important tips to make the best business card for your business, these are following. Designing your business cards for printing is not that much easy. If you follow the tips of business card printing, you will definitely get a better result.

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  • Creative And Concise

No flow in creativity and create overloaded cards. Your card should be concise and creative enough to capture the attention of your customers. Whatever you will add to your card it should be in a clean as well as legible place. Phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, web addresses and name of the person should be addressed in all circumstances. If any of these elements is missing, the card had no chance to be a good marketing tool.

free business card templates download modern black an white business card

Modern Black and White 3D Corporate Business Card Template

Download This Free Business Card Templates

  • Give Your Business Logo

The use of a logo or picture on your business card is a great way to explain what your business is? In general, the customers do not have time to read what is written in detail on the map. Therefore, a suitable logo or an image that can emerge the main objective of the company “is the only way to get their attention.


Download This Free Business Card Templates

  • Do Not Try Cheap Tickets

Your business is basically a quick demonstation of your business! In this scenario, this demonstration is to impress the client. Your customer will immediately notice the quality of the card, he or she can see that the company is quality. Business cards are cheap quality will not work. In fact, they will leave a negative impression of your business customers. Do not use carrying such practices. It is never easy to win new customers, but it is always easier to scare them away!

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  • Use The White Color In The Back Of The Card

It is good to keep the back in white to print cards that you can use to add additional information, which may vary from customer to customer. Include contact information for your secretary or other person, if it is to do no good way to use the empty space for your business. In addition, you can use the directions or mini map on the back of the printed cards to make it easier for your customers to the location of your business even more. ”

  • Make It Simple And Easy To Read

Combinations of colors, designs, supplies and everything else in their cards to decide how well their cards. Note that you must have your individual tickets when you print the card. Remember, your main goal throughout the production process and the value and information to customers.

Business card Template

Free Business card Templates

Download This Free Business Card Templates

 More Design Tips about Printing Business Card

Just within a couple of second, your potential clients are building up opinion about your design. Though it sounds harsh, however, it is the fact that people do judge an item with its look. You will get only one shot just to make a great 1st impression. To make your first impression, you have to follow some tricks, there are some tricks you should pull off, like diverting the attention from the actual fact that you forgot to brush your hair by pushing a unique as well as beautifully printed business cards under their nose.

  • Consider the Size and Color of Your Business Card

Before you start the design process, you must consider the size of your business card. You can easily find out the standard size of the cards and some supported file types that will help you to decide the size of your business card. The standard size of regular business card is about 84 mm x 55 mm. The document size that you should choose to continue your work is about 1039 x 697 pixels. Do not forget that you have to take Bleed into account. If you want to get the highest quality result, then your images should be at least 300dpi. It will give you a high quality result.

It is always a better decision to work in CMYK colors mode. CMYK is the combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow as well as Black. These colors are used in printing business cards. CMYK is basically a subtractive color model. It works great by masking colors on the light or even white background. Many designers also choose RGB color model. You can also try it, but do not forget to justify the color model as sometimes you may see a good appearance when designing, but after printing you may get an unexpected result like muddy effect! Print your own business cards after considering the facts.

  • Do Not Forget The Bleed Area

Bleed area is very important unless the design background color of your business card is white. It is a must to prepare a perfect bleed area for the business card design. Though it sounds like something difficult, but preparing the Bleed area basically involves highlighting a specific area surrounding your document. It is normally 3 mm thick. However, it may vary. It depends on the design of your business card. So the question that may come to your mind is that what is the advantage of a bleed area for printing business cards? Well, the answer is very simple. It prevents ugly border strips from the turning up on all the edges of your cards.

Bleed Area for Business card

  • Border Can Make Your Design Ugly

Many designers like to use border when they design a business card. But using a border can make your design ugly and you have to consider that. It is the best to avoid using any kind of borders on the design of your business cards designs. You will get lop sided edges when you will cut the border after printing business cards. All most all the printers have an error of margin for cutting business cards. Most of the time it can be just a few millimeters, expect few variance in area where blade falls. If the blade fail to cut your border on the right place, then after printing business cards, you will not get the exact result that your are looking for and most of the time it just make your it useless after business card printing.

  • Consider The Complementary Colors

Choose the colors that are pleasing aesthetically. A soft mish-mash of bright as well as bold colors can easily make your business card stand out in the stack of fifty. However, it could also be for wrong reasons. The most important thing is that you have to make your color scheme consistent that is why it is important to choose complementary colors. Throughout different media like website, email, twitter or even Facebook, you have to develop a very professional image of your company. Complementary colors will also add extra value to your business card design.

Do not panic! You will get a lot of tools available to help you choose the perfect scheme. You just have to search on web, you will get plenty of suggestion. You will get different community where people create color palettes as well as also allow others to vote for their color patterns and also comment on them. These communities are basically great source of inspiration. Print your own business cards after designing with complementary colors, you will see the difference.

  • Care About The Quality Of Your Text

Yes, it is very important. Text is the most important part of your design. If you just fail to choose the perfect text for your design then after printing business cards, you will not get the look that you are looking for. Though it is sometimes overlooked, but it is a pretty important element in printing business card design. You would never want your customers to have to strain the eyes to read the website address or even email. So you have to make it sure that the text of your business card is at least eight pt. You have to choose a clear readable font as well as in bold color. If you choose smaller than 8 pt., then it may look fine on the monitor, but when you will print it, you may get a fuzzy as well as smudged-out line. It is always a good idea to accentuate your name or even any kind of important information by making it bigger or even bolder than rest of the information. It will give professional effect after printing business cards.

If you are planning to print your own business card, then do not forget to consider the above tips to make your business card useful. One more tips is that if you save your image in JPG or even PNG, then it may cause fuzziness, so try to avoid it!

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