Easy Photoshop Tutorials — Cool Text Effect

                   Amazing Glowing Text Effect Tutorial

This easy photoshop Tutorials is going to teach you some excellent tricks to create an awesome glowing text effect. Here you will get step by step procedures. You just need to follow to create an effect. Try it out!

Tutorial Details

Program: Adobe Photoshop

Require: Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC

Difficulty: Easy

Approximate Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Where Should Apply?

Final Result : We are going to create a similar effect. You need not to download any extra fonts or even extra brushes, as it is a beginner level tutorial, so we will do with the existing photoshop tools. Let’s have a look what we are going to create.


Step by Step Glowing Text Effect Tutorial

This is very easy photoshop tutorials because each step comes with a picture and details. Just go through the steps and focus on the images on that step. Hope you will not face any difficulty. Do not hesitate to choose your favorite colors or any effect according to your choice!

Step 1 : Open a new document File>New. Create a 1920 x 1080 pixels document.


Step 2 : Select Pain Bucket Tool (Shortcut Key: G) and choose a foreground color (we use BLACK), and simply CLICK on your new canvas. Your canvas will be covered with BLACK color.


Step 3 : Select Move Tool (Shortcut Key: V), Switch forground color (it will turn your foreground color WHITE and background color BLACK), and after that select Horizontal Type Tool (Shortcut Key: T).


Step 4 : Write any Text according to your choice. Here we Select Font Style Cooper Black, Font Size 230pt, Smooth, Bold. You can use Move Tool(Shortcut Key: V) to give your text any position.


Step 5 : Go to Layers Section, Select your text layer and CTRL + CLICK (for windows users) to select the text.


Step 6 : Create new Layer. Shift + Ctrl + N or Layer> New > Layer. Select Gradient Tool (Shortcut Key: G). Choose your favorite color. From the Gradient Picker, choose your favorite color.


Step 7 : From Gradient Picker choose your favorite colors. We take #ae3759, #e81062. Press OK. And just draw a line on your text. You will get the Effect. Do the same, if you ave more texts.

7Step 8 : Make a copy of the text layers. Hit Ctrl+J. Delete Text Layer. Create New Layers again Shift + Ctrl + N.


Step 9 : Go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Click, you will get a cloud effect.


Step 10 : Select the option form normal to color dodge.


Step 11 : Select the copy of the Text layers. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius at 60 pixel. Do the same with Layer 2 copy.


Step 12 : Select the Cloud Layer. Select Brush Tool (Shortcut Key: B). Choose your favorite brush and give it some effect.


Step 13 : Use Eraser Tool (Shortcut Key: E)if you want to remove any effect.


Final Comment

It is a super easy text effect tutorial. However; if you are a beginner, then it is possible for you to face some difficulties. If you face any problem while practicing this tutorial, then do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box.


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